Become the true you...

Experiential Healing

  • Do you feel like it is time to make changes but feel held back or blocked?
  • Are you stuck in the same pattern, feeling like the same situations appear again and again and you are left wondering "Why does this keep happening"?
  • Are you tired of your dreams not coming true and desperate to break free from the things in your life that are toxic?

Working with you on an energetic and emotional level during an Experiential Healing session will release and remove blockages, free you from toxic cycles and set you on the dynamic trajectory you are craving in life.

If you are looking to become the real you...

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Experiential Healing is simply a set of really tuned-in questions that allow you to access emotions you are holding in your body. It is not hyponosis and you remain entirely conscious and able to have a completely normal conversation throughout. We breathe deep into the body however there are no specific breathing techniques involved. I simply hold a safe space for you to release energies, emotions and open into memories in a different way, freeing yourself from internal dialogues and decisions that have been holding you back in life.  For many people it is a profound experience of understanding why life has worked out how it has to this point. Gaining an understanding of the lessons of your life and the gifts of experiencing the hardships you have is liberating. New awareness in itself brings change, integrating that awareness in your everyday life through simple actions means you can step out of patterns and limiting beliefs for the the first time. Become who you really are....